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This newsletter is written in order to spread experiences within the topic of historic textiles and reconstructions. Our ambition is to amuse you and stimulate interest in the 18th Century. Durán Textiles, who is mainly working with museum collections and Royal Castles, was founded in 2002 by CEO and production manager Laila Durán, with co-worker artist Torkel Henriksson who is doing the artworks and preparing the designs for production. Our production is done mostly in India supervised by Duran Textiles inspectors. 
- The articles are mainly written by Laila Durán but we also have help from colleagues and specialists from several museums and universities.  In the future this newsletter will be distributed four times a year and is free of charge. We hope you will enjoy our stories and offers and help us to spread the letter to friends and colleagues. Contact:

Detta nyhetsbrev skrivs för att sprida erfarenheter inom ämnet rekonstruktioner av historiska textiler och 1700-talet. Ambitionen är att roa och stimulera intresset. Durán Textiles har varit verksamt sedan 2002 och arbetar med projekt för Kungliga Slott och museisamlingar i hela Skandinavien. Laila Durán är VD och projektledare, Torkel Henriksson arbetar med originalen och alla förlagor för tryck och väv. På plats i Indien, där de flesta av tygerna produceras, finns Durán Textiles egna inspektörer.
- Artiklarna skrivs huvudsakligen av Laila Durán men vi får även hjälp av kollegor och specialister från olika muséer och universitet.  Nyhetsbrevet kommer i fortsättningen att komma ut fyra gånger per år och är helt kostnadsfritt. Vi hoppas ni ska uppskatta våra artiklar och erbjudanden och även sprida informationen vidare till Era vänner. Kontakt:



Visit summer exhibitions in Scandinavia. 
Text and Photo Laila Durán.

If you are interested in history and historic textiles there are many possibilities to see interesting exhibitions this summer. On May 27 the Museum of National Antiquities in Stockholm opened the grand exhibition ”Sveriges Historia” The history of Sweden, which shows the last 1000 years of Swedish history. The exhibition was inaugurated by his Royal Majesty the Swedish King in presence of her Royal Majesty the Queen in a warm and sunny Swedish spring evening. The inner yard of the museum was filled with guest, including many from the Swedish cultural elite.

Durán Textiles is represented in not less than three show cases. Among other things the reconstructed golden gown of Queen Margareta is on display in its own showcase, and you can see the original of the exotic and humoristic printed cotton ”Jumiping Dog” accompanied in the showcase by the reproduction from Durán Textiles. In the 18th century room three of Durán Textiles printed cottons represent the Swedish textile production of this era.

”Sveriges Historia” is an exhibition that gives new perspectives on human power and the way power was executed, and it also stresses women’s influence through history. We are shown reliquaries of Saint Bridget and her own handwriting: A paper is on display where she noted was Christ has to say to humankind – a divine dictation!
The small prayer book of Malin Sture lies besides the portrait of the King Gustav Vasa. On the page of the day 24 of May, she describes the grief after the execution of her father and two brothers in 1574. More amusing is the history about Ulrika Eleonora Stålhammar, the woman who dressed as a man was recruited as soldier in the Swedish 18th century army.

The museum shop of the Museum of National Antiquities has been given a new profile. Several new products and a proper textile department including Durán Textiles historic collection attract tourists and visitors. You can find everything from princess dresses in pink tulle, Viking outfits for children and beautiful Viking jewelry in gold and silver. The shelves of the shop are filled with reproductions of glass, silver and textiles from the collections of the museum and books about the museum exhibitions.

Read more at the webpage of Historiska Museet: and for more information on the shop:


Head of the department of textiles, Mari-Louise Franzén and Laila Durán for the occasion dressed in Norwegian national costume. At the left are the historian Dick Harrison and his wife.

Textil researcher Martin Ciszuk talking to Heidi Fossnes, the editor of the magazine Bunad.

There were many happy guests. Kjerstin Hegerfors was wearing her Swedish national costume as this was encouraged in the invitation. Beside are her husband Arne and the colleague from Swedish Television Anders Berglund. Heidi Fossnes, to the left, wears a Norwegian bunad from Telemark.

More Exhibitions!

Sigvard Bernadotte – 100 year anniversary.
In connection to the 200 year jubilee of the family Bernadotte in Sweden, an exhibition will tour in France. This exhibition shows the lifelong design work of Sigvard Bernadotte (grand uncle of the Swedish King), and focus on him as a pioneer in Swedish industrial design. The exhibition tour is arranged in cooperation with the Swedish Institute in Paris, and in 2010 it has been complemented with several silver objects and a historical review of Sigvard’s family and their Swedish-French connection. Read more at:

In March this year Laila Durán was invited to the friendship society of Sigvard and Marianne Bernadotte. At their annual meeting in the Army Museum in Stockholm she lectured about reproduction of historic textiles.

Göteborg City Museum.
The East Indian Company Ship is sailing again.
30 June – 15 August.
In a new exhibition are shown pictures, film and objects from the reconstruction of the ship and its journey to China. We are told about great craft skills, the hardships at sea and good seamanship. The exhibition also displays reproduced historic costumes, and printed cottons from Durán Textiles are presented in several show cases. You get an insight in the Swedish East Indian Company of the 18th century, and you can enter the reconstructed ship which is anchored at Stenpiren.
Read more at:

Sagalund Museum at the island of Kimito, Finland. A pearl well worth a visit!
Sagalund is a museum, a garden and a centre for cultural heritage and children’s culture - a piece of poetry made real, as the founder Nils Oskar Jansson said. Here you find houses representing the history of the Kimito island: a district court house, a cottage, a farm, two school houses and a lot more. All is situated in a leafy garden laid out in the early 20th century.  In cooperation with Durán Textiles the Sagalund Museum has reproduced textiles from the museum collections. Visit the museum and see the originals. Read more at:

Valdres Folkemuseum, Norway, beautiful and fabulous in the Valdres valley.
Valdres Folkemuseum, the Ethnographical Museum of Valdres, is one of the biggest outdoor museums in Norway with more than 100 old houses. At the site there is also an archive for folk music and Bunad og Folkedrakt-rådet, a national centre for research and mediation of regional costume. This summer offers new exhibitions as well as the performance of a play: ”Sol av Isfolket” by the author Margit Sandemose.
Durán Textiles has in cooperation with Valdres Folkemuseum reproduced the beautiful hand printed woolen shawls which were used together with the regional costumes in the Valdres district. The originals are on display in the museum. [Read more]

Gamle Esterup, Herregårdsmuseet, a manor museum in Denmark, is full of activities all summer!
For everybody interested in textile and fashion the exhibition at Herregårdsmuseet ”Kjoledrömm och drömmekjole” is really worth a visit. On display are dresses, exquisite tailored in exclusive materials, made for the countess Astrid Ahlefeldt-Laurvig , and worn by her between 1920 and 1950. The exhibition tells about the development of fashion and the social life at the manor house in this period. Durán Textiles have had the pleasure of cooperation with the Herregård museum. To bring the history of the manor to life, the staff has reproduced costumes in embroidered silk and printed cottons from our historic collection.
Read more at: and



The exhibition was inaugurated by his Royal Majesty the Swedish King in presence of her Royal Majesty the Queen in a warm and sunny Stockholm.

The exhibition ”Sveriges Historia” is opened by his Royal Majesty the Swedish King.

Renowned Swedish faces: the journalist and author Herman Lindqvist, always actual in historic contexts.

The Uppsala county custodian of antiquities Håkan Liby.

The golden gown of Queen Margareta as it is displayed in the exhibition.

Swedish Princess Marianne Bernadotte is accompanying Laila Durán.

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